Warsztaty genealogiczne dla dorosłych

The main aim of the workshop is to give you the basic knowledge about Polish genealogy and its practical use. The final result of the course is the basic version of each participant's family tree, as well as receiving tips on how to work on it further – both online and offline.

These workshops are dedicated to youth, adults and above all - seniors. We also organize them at the request of schools, universities of the third century, libraries and cultural institutions that want to expand and enrich their educational offer with classes for adults.

Warsztaty genealogiczne dla dzieci

These workshops are dedicated to kindergartens, primary schools, libraries and cultural institutions that want to expand their educational offer with activities for children.

Classes are prepared for different age categories from preschoolers to the oldest years of primary schools. The workshops are adapted and organized according to the level of development of children - they activate them to work on discovering family stories and learning about the history of the location in which they live. Participants have the opportunity to learn a general history based on their family history.