Our training is an opportunity to learn about every aspect of work related to discovering your family history, to obtain detailed knowledge of work methods, and to track the most current trends in polish genealogy research.


During the webinars you will get to know the following:

  • where to start your Polish genealogical search,
  • how to keep a home archive and what important information can be found in it,
  • how old family photographs can help in family research,
  • how to conduct and manage conversations with the oldest representatives of the family or with witnesses to history,
  • we will discuss the basic sources for Polish genealogy,
  • we will introduce basic Polish online genealogy databases that allow you to search without moving from home.
These webinars are dedicated for school pupils of the upper years and adults, especially seniors.

During the entire series of workshops, you will receive tools and specialist knowledge on how to effectively conduct genealogical research.

Trainings adjusted to your needs

Specialist will share their knowledge with you

We will record the whole webinar for you

We have also planned a unique space for discussion. Through a videoconference, you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts, dispel doubts and ask direct questions to the lecturer.


And if you want to return to a given piece of knowledge or exercise, you can always do it thanks to access to an online workshop recording.


  • Hardware requirements: computer with internet access, camera and microphone. The training is carried out remotely via a webinar program – ClickMeeting

By participating in the webinar, you automatically agree to the terms of our Regulations available at (https://tkwp.pl/regulamin)