Through the fun activities, participants will learn what secrets are hidden in the family's document drawers, check if the family photo album contains photos of the most important family members and conduct a real detective interview and verify who knows the family history best at home.

The children will play Sherlock Holmes, they will get white gloves and magnifying glass, they will search for hidden information in old photos and postcards, and they will decipher the old names. The end of such classes will be an exhibition of family trees created by participants.

The workshops are organized in two versions:


Duration time: 2 hours
Number of classes: 1
Price: 600 PLN*


Duration time: 1 hour
Number of classes: 10
Price: 6000 PLN*
  • * The amount may vary - the final price depends on the agreed scope of the workshop. .
  • The final price includes the cost of conducting the workshop and the preparation of training materials. This price does not include travel costs and possible accommodation.
  • All the above-mentioned classes can be conducted in the institution's buildings (e.g. schools, libraries, community centers) or conference rooms - the cost of rent is covered by the customer. The prices include: conducting the substantive and practical part of the classes and all materials needed and used in the classes.
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