Genealogical research

Do you have polish origins? Are you struggling to learn more about your polish roots or would like to grow your polish family tree? Probably you hit the brick wall as for your genealogy research? Don’t worry – we are here to help. Not only we know how polish archival system is organized – we also have a great knowledge of polish genealogy records online, polish genealogy sites and databases.

Genealogical research is a process which gives a glance into our family history and determine the degree of the relationship between its family members. We also pay a lot of attention to show you your polish heritage in a local cultural context. Our service consists of 5 stages:

  • Introductory verification of your family information (names, dates, places) which helps us to determine the research possibilities and records location.FREE OF CHARGE: After obtaining basic information about your ancestors, from which we have to leave (names, dates, places, denomination), we search the available databases to determine the availability of documentation that will allow obtaining the desired information. We determine where documents are stored, in what range of dates and what the scale of research difficulties is. This allows us to create an offer, including the valuation of our work:
  • Personalized offer preparation along with estimated budget and research plan,
  • Conducting the genealogical research,
  • Analysis of the gathered archival materials together with translation of the historical documents,
  • Report coverage along with the copies of documents.

Interest in the history of ancestors affects the holistic way we perceive the past (in the local, national or even global dimension) and its "ordinary" heroes in the form of our great-grandmothers and great-grandparents, and above all, how we see ourselves through their prism. Awareness of our past and placing it in the context of local history, promotes patriotic attitudes and shape the identity awareness.

The tailor - made workshops are led by the members of Twoje Korzenie w Polsce Foundation – historians and archivists. 

Duration time: up to 6 hours

Participants: up to 30 persons

Exemplary topics presented during the workshop/workshops:

  1. Genealogy in theory.
  2. Family archive – start from yourself.
  3. Polish ancestry documentation and where it is stored.
  4. Polish genealogy online databases.
  5. Rules and tools for storing, organizing and protecting family information.

Interested? Feel free to contact us so we can plan the best workshop for you/ your institution.

Warsztaty genealogiczne dla dorosłych