• Genealogical Research

    Do you have polish origins? Are you struggling to learn more about your polish roots or would like to grow your polish family tree? Probably you hit the brick wall as for your genealogy research? Don’t worry – we are here to help. Not only we know how polish archival system is organized – we also have a great knowledge of polish genealogy records online, polish genealogy sites and databases.

  • Webinars

    We also offer a remote form of Polish genealogy workshops. Using professional tools, we provide information on how to start with genealogy, where to look, how to create a family tree from scratch and how to expand it. We talk about how and which Polish genealogy databases to use, where to find documents about your Polish ancestors - step by step. As part of these workshops, we also conduct individual consultations – tailor made!

  • Workshops

    The workshops are primarily aimed to make participants aware of the importance of family history. During the course, they will learn their Polish roots, interesting facts about their ancestors. As a result of the workshop – the participants will create a basic family trees created by them. The workshop will allow participants to gain knowledge about the work of a genealogist, curiosities related to work on a family tree, and rules of searching for Polish ancestors. An important aspect of the workshop is to draw the participants' attention to security and preservation of family history for the next generations.


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