About Us

While exploring the secrets of the past, there are a lot of surprises waiting for you. You will discover what your ancestors did, see the places where they lived. You'll realize that you have a family that you didn't even know about before (because we may assist you with finding your Polish living relatives). Or maybe you will find out that you are allied with someone who has permanently entered history?

We organize conferences, genealogy workshops and lectures, as well as individual, consultations – tailor made. We also run classes for people of all ages. We start with the youngest, because we know that the sooner you catch the genealogical bug, the better. We also run workshops for adults and seniors - also as part of universities for seniors. 

We also operate abroad: we help Polish diaspora organizations to promote Polishness and maintain ties with their ancestral country. In our activities, we often cooperate with state institutions and international organizations. We work as Polish ancestry coaches at the biggest genealogy conference RootsTech. 

The association also publish. We focus on books connected with genealogical research and the history of Poland, especially a so – called small motherlands. We have assisted with writing many family history books and published a monograph of Dworek Białoprądnicki. Currently we are working on The History of Tonie – Krakow suburbs.